Juggling club thrives after various changes

Strong leadership is essential for any club to succeed at Rockhurst. Charlie Gotschall, Tim Ripper, Parker Heinze and Eric Reeb were the leaders of the juggling club for three years and helped the juggling club become well known to Rockhurst students. All four of these men were members of the class of 2014 and haveContinue reading “Juggling club thrives after various changes”

Senior tight end Heck chooses UNC

  It was hard to miss senior Charlie Heck on the football field this season. His 6’7” frame made him the tallest player on the team and also helped him excel as a tight end and defensive end. His hard work on the football field did not go unnoticed by colleges during the season. Richmond,Continue reading “Senior tight end Heck chooses UNC”

Reagan family welcomes healthy baby boy

Mr. Scott Reagan’s presence at Rockhurst has been constant through coaching cross country, making trips with Model UN or teaching history. On Nov. 5, Mr. Reagan’s presence was absent from Rockhurst as he welcomed to his family a new baby boy, Evan. Evan has been in good health and is doing great, according to Mr.Continue reading “Reagan family welcomes healthy baby boy”