KING: The value of senior pictures

Why do students choose to complicate their busy lives during Senior year and overwhelm themselves with the process of taking hundreds of senior pictures? Students must be crazy to think that paying hundreds of dollars to hire a professional photographer and spending hours on a few picture prints will actually be worth it. After all, you can simply pull your iPhone’s out of your pockets and … Continue reading KING: The value of senior pictures

“Spirited Away” film review

Spirited Away is an anime movie, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, which proves to be the most ingenious work of his career. The film appears to be intended for a young, grade school audience, when in fact, it teaches universal lessons that are perceivable by audiences of all ages. The film redefines what one might expect from animation and captivates the audience with its … Continue reading “Spirited Away” film review

KING: Students need more rest

Summer is long past as the second quarter of school begins. The screeching sound and painful reality of pre-dawn alarms rings through the ears of students every morning prior to school. Most students, especially those with morning sports practice, sway into school looking like “walking zombies.” This can have a negative effect on academic performance and build habits that will stay with students through college … Continue reading KING: Students need more rest