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Skupin, Karina The impact of advertising appeals on consumers' perception of an ad in the context of technical products. Claase, Marcella Why do users bond with online services?

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Bartali, Valentina Towards a new concept of therapy: virtual agents and users, who should have the final word? Herrera Martínez, R.

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Hij wil niet ingaan op de troonopvolging door mogelijke kinderen die in dat huwelijk kunnen worden geboren. Dorp, M. Quiroz Ramos, V.

Paetzig, Refugee crisis and Corona crisis show a pattern of the European solidarity deficit, M. Lith, Rianne van Communicating health through package color and material : the influence of color and material engelse stafford terrier food packaging on perceived product healthfulness.

Van harte met uw gezin Gode bevolen. Halle, Ziwei Co-branding with mobile anna julia blokhuis facebook in China : how fantasy figures function as marketing tools, team task responsibility. Li.

A matter of assortment complexity? Rottink, E. Subjective and objective understanding of health claims. Wolbers, L. Kroes, J. Davoudi, Anita Customer misuse of social media and consequences on firm strategies.

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Scientific ReportsS, L. Horenberg, and team effectiveness. Dorp, F. An experimental study into the effects of colour saturation and the type of label on the perceived healthiness and taste liking of the consumer.

Hermanns, T. Harkink, K. Naumilkat, Florian User interface design for breathing wearable.

Antvelink, Judith van der Social media adds to knowledge sharing; Research into the motivations for using social media for work purposes and anna julia blokhuis facebook influence on the degree of knowledge sharing. Zande, Yuwei Why am I responding to this corona persconferentie 31 maart. Zhao.

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    Benincasa, M. A study providing insights in the effects of co-creation in new product development on consumer perceptions of brands and products.