Positive Moments of the 20-21 School Year

 Despite all of the tragedies of the last 15 months, there have been a few positive moments that deserve recognition. Some of the positive moments were from some Rockhurst men and others were things that happened outside of Rockhurst. 

        Junior Stew Myers said, “One positive thing that happened to me this year was I won the CYO championship.” The opportunity to play CYO was an important event for many. CYO games gave students a chance to get out of the house and to spend time with their friends.

Being able to even play sports this year was another positive thing for many people.Junior Ryan Dierks said, “It’s nice being able to play baseball especially after what happened with football towards the end of the year. I’m glad we are able to play a full season and look forward to seeing how the season turns out.” Dierks also thinks being in-person is better than virtual because “I enjoy being around my friends and having in-person classes.” 

        A few more positive items of note actually happened in terms of the environment. Carbon emissions fell by the largest amount ever recorded. More places around the world are reducing the number of cars used which is helping the environment. The world has gotten a lot greener not only in terms of the environment but also in terms of land. The oceans were made cleaner by banding together nations to focus on eliminating plastic in the ocean and repopulating fish. 

There were also a few positive moments in terms of space exploration. The Mars rover Perseverance landed successfully and collected samples of rock and regolith. There were many SpaceX test flights and satellite launches during 2020/2021. Space X also put two astronauts in space for the very first time. 

SpaceX launches two astronauts into space for the first time. An upside of 20/21 in terms of space travel. “They were building a Ferrari for every launch, when it was possible that a Honda Accord might do the trick.” -Elon Musk
Photo credit unsplash

Overall, 2020 and so far 2021 have not been the greatest years. On the other hand, there have been a few positive moments that happened for Rockhurst, the environment, and space exploration. We can only hope that COVID-19 can come to and end during 2021 and can finish it out with another positive moment. 

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