Unfinished (lacrosse) Business

Thanks to last year’s abrupt end to the season, the doing of COVID-19, the Lacrosse Hawklets have adopted the motto “Unfinished Business” in the hopes to win a state championship.

“Our shooting shirts say, “Unfinished Business” on the back,” said Junior Defender Franco Carroll. “We had a really good team last year and probably would have taken home the title, but the season fell short. This year we’re playing for 2 titles, out of respect for the seniors last year. It’s a really good motivator.” As of April 13th, 2021, the Hawklets are 6-2 on the season with losses only to rival powerhouse Shawnee Mission East and MICDS.

Carroll, when asked how the season has been going, had this to say. “We take it one game at a time. We know we’re not perfect, but we gotta try and do everything we can to get ready for May. Most of the guys are already pumped for the playoffs, and I really think we got a chance to win it all. It’s a special group of boys.” Carroll went on to talk about how the guys on last year’s team always drive them towards their goal “Our senior captains [Fisher Roy, Jack Kelly, Jack Scanlon] always get us super amped and hyped up for games – kinda get us in the right mindset. They set a good example for all the younger guys, as well.” Carroll also believes that there is something that sets this 2021 Varsity Lacrosse Squad apart from any other school. “I think overall were just more talented, we have better camaraderie than some public schools, like East. We have the power to instill the fear of God in any opponent. Anyone walking into Dasta knows that they’re gonna be hit with everything we got. The Rockhurst brotherhood also really helps out the chemistry, seeing each other almost every day. I think – no – I know were the best.”

Pictured- The lacrosse Hawklets on Severino Field.

The Hawklets hope to take home yet another state championship, coached by Tim Reidy.

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