Spectacular Auction 2021

The Rockhurst Auction, or “Spectacular”, is an annual event that raises money for Rockhurst High School in many different ways. Because of the circumstances, the auction is fully virtual this year. Bidding for the auction starts on April 13 and the virtual event will take place on April 17. 

Through the “Spectacular Auction”, $2.7 million has been raised to support 48% of Rockhurst families in tuition costs. The “Fund the Future” fund is where the proceeds from this auction land. This money given by bidders and donors helps students live the Rockhurst experience and truly become “Men for Others”. There have been thousands of graduates of Rockhurst that have been living lives of service and witness to their faith all thanks to the donors. 

The Rockhurst Spectacular Auction provides many different opportunities for people to donate. For example, there are wine and whiskey lists that are able to be purchased in exchange for a donation to the auction. Another opportunity are the class baskets. Instead of the normal class parties that occur every year, each class has a “class baskets” that have different themes. The freshmen class basket is raising money by auctioning an Xbox Series Xs and PlayStation 5s, the sophomore class is auctioning a fitness pack, the junior class is auctioning off new patio furniture and accessories, and the senior class is auctioning off graduation parties.

In an interview with junior, Leger Taylor, Taylor was asked if his family has ever participated in the auction and what their experience was like. Taylor said, “The auction is a great opportunity for Rockhurst families to financially support their son’s school.”

The Rockhurst Spectacular Auction is entirely grateful for its donors. Because of the pandemic, the auction needs more support than ever before to be able to continue the support of new students living the Rockhurst experience.

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