Working from Home

My at home workspace is an area I hold dear in my heart. Countless virtual days have forced me to develop a good work area that still allows me to be productive. The importance of your workspace is insurmountable and it’s important to make sure the space will work for you.

My workspace is located in my room at my home. I have a nice big corner desk which is able to hold my iPad, laptop, and any papers or notebooks I need to have out. I have a drawer right next to my chair that has a ready supply of pencils, pens, paper, and pretty much anything I could need to have a productive day. On virtual days, I tend to zoom with my laptop and then use my iPad for things like notability or Google Classroom. It helps me keep everything organized and gives me the option of multitasking. If this is possible for you, I highly recommend doing it. At the start of every virtual day I make sure I have a big water bottle filled as well as having some quick snacks on hand in case I get hungry. This guarantees that I don’t use food as an excuse to get up and leave and minimizes my distractions.

My desk looks right outside my window, which is a nice little luxury. When asked about his workspace, Jamie Sullivan, a Rockhurst graduate of 2018 said that he would have loved to be able to work out of his room. Sullivan never had to deal with virtual days, but still offered, “I had to do my homework in our office when I was in high school, and Mom and Dad were always coming through.” Sullivan is referring to the area in our house in which we have our home desktop and our printer. He then went on to say, “I would’ve loved to have a desk in my room. It would have freed me from a lot of distractions and been easier to work from.” Clearly Sullivan is jealous of my lifestyle.

At home workspaces have become increasingly important in our everyday lives especially with the frequency of virtual days we’ve been having. It’s important to find a space and set it up in a way which works for you. Minimizing distractions has been one of the keys to staying on top of homework and my workspace has helped me with that.

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