Kansas City Chiefs History

The Kansas City Chiefs were founded, in 1960.   The team name at the time was the Dallas Texans until the move to Kansas City in 1963.  The team was founded by Lamar Hunt.  Lamar Hunt died at age 74 in 2006.  A year before this happened, his son, Clark Hunt, took over the Chiefs in 2005.  Clark Hunt is still the team owner.

The Chiefs have not had that great of a history and it took them some time to make some big achievements in the NFL.  Out of the 54 seasons that they have had a chance to make the playoffs, they have made it 21 times.  In these 21 chances in the playoffs, the Chiefs have only won the Super Bowl 2 times.  These wins were spread out by a big separation of time.  Their first big win was in 1970 when they played against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl 4.  The Chiefs’ next Super Bowl win was 50 years later in 2020.  They beat the San Francisco 49ers in super bowl 54 to add on to their winning achievements.  

In 2020, the team finally won again and the wait was over.  This year in 2021, the Chiefs advanced to the playoffs and are the AFC champions.  The Chiefs were not able to add another championship, they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55.

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