Classic Rock Talk

Hi my name is Louie Curran and I am a classic rock fan. I am making this a recurring story, a column. I will start off with personal picks but am always open for suggestions. I will select an artist and their top 5 songs and say what I like about them. 

Billy Joel is one of my favorite classic rock artists of all time. My top 5 of his songs are “The River of Dreams”, “The Longest Time”, “Goodnight Saigon”, “Vienna”, and “Summer, Highland Falls.” Let me start off by saying this was an extremely difficult decision to get to my top 5. “The River of Dreams”, includes some true meaning behind the lyrics. Joel’s lyrics include some biblical imagery throughout the song. He uses imagery such as the promise land and the valley of fear. “The Longest Time” is an all-out classic. It includes great rhythm and lyrics throughout the song. “Goodnight Saigon” has great meaning pertaining to Parris Island and the Vietnam War. I love songs with meaning accompanied by a great rhythm and this song definitely fulfills that. “Vienna” hits that meaning and rhythm sweet spot. Joel brings out feelings about his father in writing this song after visiting him in Vienna. Last and most certainly not least, “Summer, Highland Falls.” Highland Falls was the location Joel wrote the famous “Piano Man” album and the not so famous “StreetLife Serenade” album. This song is definitely one of the best of Billy Joel because it has a great rhythm and meaningful lyrics.                    

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