Back in Black Album Review

AC/DC is a band I always knew of but never really listened to them.  My dad loves their music and used to play their songs all the time in the car when I was younger.  He always used to play this one song my family all loves and it is called “Hell’s Bells”.  Hell’s Bells is on the album “Back in Black” so I thought I would give the whole album a listen for this review because I liked this song and never listened to any other songs by them before. 

After listening to the complete album, I found a lot of new songs that I like and will continue to listen to in the future.  I really like this album because this type of music really fires me up before a sporting event or when working out.  Music is a big part of my life.  I am glad I found new music I like and can listen to while doing the things I love to do.  I am also really glad to be expanding my music taste and get into something new.  This rock genre is new for me and I’m glad to be expanding my variety of interests.

My top three songs on the album besides Hell’s Bells are Shoot to Thrill. “Back in Black,” and You Shook Me All Night Long.  These songs have excellent beats, and I like the flow of each song.  I enjoy all of the upbeat songs and the ones with a fast-flowing beat.  These songs all pump me up and are good wake up songs if I ever need to get my blood flowing.  

Back In Black by AC/DC is a good quality classic rock album with a good amount of upbeat songs that I got into.  Overall, if I were to rate this album out of ten I would rate it a seven out of ten.  I will definitely be listening to this album the next time I workout or about to play in a sporting event.  I am glad to get to listen to something new and will search for more and more rock songs that I may like from AC/DC and other bands or artists.  I also learned to not be as picky with my music because there are definitely more genres I can find something I really enjoy like some songs on this album.

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