“A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships” Review

The 1975 released their third album, titled “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships”, on November 30, 2018. What set this album apart from their previous two, in my opinion, was the attack at the electric music genre. From listening to the intro, “The 1975”, I could tell that this English Alternative Rock Band was trying something new.

The album hits all the measures that an alternative album should hit. The fun songs that you can dance to, to the slow, depressing songs about life, breakups, and addiction. This album explains the new age of dating, through the internet as the title of the album clearly shows.

One big thing that I noticed while listening was that The 1975 was portraying the political issues that were present when the project was released. In “Love It If We Made It”, my personal favorite song on the album, the lyrics were explaining all the messed up things happening in our world. The lyrics include heroin abuse, the systematic racism people of color face, the repeating of the line “Modernity has failed us”,  and many lines explaining tragic deaths to young people including famous rapper Lil Peep who died in a drug overdose.

The magical aspect of this album is the band can easily switch from an upbeat and intense song like “Love It If We Made It” and dive immediately into a slow and depressing song about guilt in a relationship in “Be My Mistake”. The 1975 also decided to include the iconic saxophone which was a huge hit in their previous album.

This band is able to trick the audience into believing a song is about one thing while in reality they wrote it for another reason. For example, on the first listen of “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” I thought it was about a girl he was in a relationship with and they broke up, but in reality it was about an addiction with heroin. Matty Healy, lead vocalist, has had trouble in the past with an addiction to heroin, so most of these songs about heroin are from a first hand experience from Healy himself.

This album hits the problem of revealing your feelings in the modern age of relationships while also attacking social issues and addiction issues. In hindsight, I would rank this album third out of their four, but at the time of its release it was kind of a disappointment because of how incredible the first two albums were. 

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