“Invincible” Review

Pictured Mark Wahlberg- Photo from Creative Commons

 Everyone loves an underdog story. “Invincible” is the best sports-related underdog story ever. Vince Papale played by Mark Wahlberg is the little guy from South Philly. The movie starts with his wife leaving him with a note that says he will never amount to anything, never make a name for himself, and never make any money. This is a big hit to Papale seeing all of the words in the note are true. 

     Papale and some of his buddies are at the bar one night who are very big Philadelphia Eagle fans. They are watching television and see that the head coach of the Eagles is holding tryouts for the team and they encourage Papale to try out. He thinks they are joking around at first but soon realizes that they are dead serious. This is a big shocker because he had never even played college football. His father thinks it’s a bad idea and tells him “a man can only take so much failure at one time.” That, along with the devastating letter his wife left him, was the motivation he needed to make the team. 

     Papale starts camp a little rough but trains, gets better, and continues to make it through the cuts. Vince made the final cuts due to sheer hard work and determination. Coach Vermeil and Papale are throwing up in the restroom before the Eagles’ first game. Papale starts the game off with a decent punt return followed by another good play. He then gets a little rocky facing the blockers putting the Eagles in a tough spot. Papale then gains some more courage, gets a hint that they are not rushing the punter, he then hits the punt receiver causing a fumble and a game-winning touchdown. In this story, you see Vince Papale come back from multiple heavy hits in a row and come out on top showing those who doubted him he is invincible. 

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