Chuck- Review

Chuck is a show that can be watched for free with an Amazon Prime subscription. Chuck has five seasons with the first episode being released on September 24th, 2007. The show is about a regular guy named Chuck Bartowski who turns into a spy. He turns into a spy because of an email he received with a series of photos in it called the intersect. The intersect is the name for all of the government’s secrets which are now downloaded into Chuck’s brain.

The show follows Chuck on his journey from being a regular guy working at a computer store to him turning into one of the country’s top spies. Chuck Bartowski turned into Charles Carmichael. Charles and his partners Sarah Walker and John Casey are the top spy team in the CIA. Sarah and John were Chuck’s handlers before he became a spy but now they are his partners. Chuck and Sarah have a love interest in one another which complicates their professional relationship but they end up working it out and being the best spy couple in the history of spies.

This show follows lots of family issues with Chuck and his parents who were both spies. Chuck did not know why, throughout the show they reconnect and re-establish their bonds.

This show has a great storyline and is full of exhilarating and interesting moments following the team on their missions and the battle to stay alive. 

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