After 3 years, R&B/Soul singer and songwriter Bryson Tiller released the album, “A N N I V E R S A R Y”, on October 2nd, 2020. The album can easily be inferred as a sequel to Tiller’s 2015 album, “T R A P S O U L” considering that both covers are essentially the same design besides one being red-themed and the other, blue themed. Tiller had been absent from the music scene since 2017 prior to his latest album. Many people thought that he would never return because it has become popular among artists to “disappear” after releasing an album. For example, Frank Ocean, another R&B artist, has not released an album since his critically acclaimed “Blonde” released in 2016.

“ANNIVERSARY” is a relatively short album. It is 10 tracks for a total of 31 minutes. Despite 30 minutes being the average time length of an album, many consider the ideal length to be 45-90 minutes. For example, in 2016, some of the top albums of the year such as Taylor Swift’s “1989”, or Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” clock out at around 1 hour. Though being “short” for an album, “ANNIVERSARY” contains a very well put together track list that it almost seems like it’s not short at all.

In “ANNIVERSARY”, Tiller infuses an influence of chill, lowkey Hip-Hop with his touch of R&B in his beats. This creates a unique, pleasant sound topped off by Tiller’s amazing voice. However, the album doesn’t seem to have a lot of diversity. Most and if not all of the songs sound relatively the same. Obviously, they are not the same, but I felt they all had the same vibe. This caused the album to get quite repetitive and boring. The album was also mostly solo songs by Tiller except for one, Outta time. Outta time featured none other than Drake. I could see why Tiller would want Drake on one of his songs considering he has helped so many young artists reach the top. Overall I give “ANNIVERSARY” a 7/10 for good sounding music but loses points for being short and repetitive.

Bryson Tiller pictured. Taken off

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