Will Clubs Be Possible This Year?

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there have been many changes made to the learning format at Rockhurst High School. Things like masks, social distancing, and the new block schedule have made it more difficult for students to thrive in a social environment. These new changes have left many questions unanswered for a lot of people, one being: “Will we have clubs this year and what will it look like?”

We will most likely be practicing social distancing and the amount of things available to do will be limited. There are several issues with last year’s format that wouldn’t work with this year’s restrictions. The possibility of having an activity period club meeting is now out of the question, so what would be an appropriate time for club leaders to host meetings. Another thing to worry about is how to proceed with our club gatherings while respecting our new rules and regulations for COVID-19. We would have to enforce social distancing while also somehow making it an easily accessible environment for discussing topics and completing tasks. The best solution seems to be after school club meetings in designated classrooms, and an adult proctor in each room to ensure social distancing. Hopefully, we will be able to get clubs up and running before long, because students are eager to get back to their favorite activities.

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