Quinn Stoy

Quinn Stoy is a member of the Prep News staff with many interest in and outside of Rockhurst. Stoy started his life at Rockhurst as a sophomore, transferring from The Barstow School. Although Stoy already knew many people at the school, it was not as expected. Teachers and classmates were much more genuine and kind than expected and the school environment was very different from Stoy’s original school. Stoy’s favorite memory at Rockhurst so far is the first football game that he went to because it was very exciting and brought many people together. Stoy, ever so busy, runs cross-country in the fall and track in the spring. Although Stoy believes he succeeded more during online school last spring, he is happy to be in person now.

Out of school, Stoy enjoys playing basketball and traveling. Stoy’s favorite place that he’s visited so far is Belize because of all the new people that he met, and the new foods he enjoyed while there. Although Stoy enjoyed Belize, with the warm and sunny climate, Stoy’s favorite season is winter, because of his December birthday, Christmas, and the clothes associated with winter. After Stoy’s time at Rockhurst, he hopes to attend college and study business and law.

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