Lukas Pittman Virtual Interview

Meet sophomore staff member Lukas Pittman. After completing an interview with Pittman. Pittman began his academic career by attending St.Tarese up north. It is a shorter distance to his house than Rockhurst which results in a longer drive time. He is involved in the cross country team and the debate program at Rockhurst. Pittman enjoys running for Rockhurst to stay healthy and debates because many of his friends do it as well. For this upcoming year at Rockhurst he hopes to succeed in Mr. Monteils math class because it is difficult and challenging. With Rockhurst looking different this year Pittman is doing his best to make the most of it and enjoy his sophomore year. 

    When Pittman is spending time away from Rockhurst he enjoys many different activities. One of his favorites is playing Call of Duty Warzone with his friends. This is a video game that is played online. This summer Pittman spent a large amount of time doing an online internship with Community America. This was a great way to stay ready for school while doing something he enjoyed. Pittman has a dog named Suzie who is a Great Pyrenees. Pittman enjoys many types of music but his favorites are country and rap. Although they are two very different genres Pittman enjoys them both. Finally Pittman admitted if he were to have one last meal before death it would be Garozzo’s Chicken Spiedini. This is considered by many to be quite delicious and Pittman admits it to be one of his favorites. It was a great experience getting to interview Lucas Pittman and hopefully his sophomore year treats him well

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