How Will We Recover From Covid?

The COVID-19 virus will most definitely go down as the most bizarre pandemics in human history. With our society being as advanced as it is, and how easily we were able to spread the information of Coronavirus precautions, there is no doubt that this event will be the most heavily documented pandemic to ever occur. But this begs the question, how will we recuperate from this awful virus once there is a vaccine?

To answer this question, we have to look back on the last major documented pandemic and how it was handled. It is 1918, in Fort Riley, Haskell County, Kansas. A small influenza virus is slowly spreading around the area. This virus, later known as the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu, the last major documented pandemic, with over 500 million cases worldwide, and over 50 million estimated deaths. The public response to this virus was surprisingly similar to our modern solutions. This included a prolonged quarantine in certain areas, face mask usage in places such as Japan and Asia, and social distancing protocols such as closing schools, theaters, and other local businesses worldwide. However, due to the lack of technology or ability to communicate with each other like we have now, there was no way to alert the entire world’s population in time to stop major spreading. This also affected the world’s ability to gradually transition back to normalcy, causing even more problems down the road. With all this being said, we can easily conclude that our transition out of COVID-19 will be much smoother given the amount of technology available to the average person.

The first thing to go will most likely be those pesky masks. This likely won’t happen until months after an initial vaccine has been established. Most businesses will continue to enforce social distancing in order to please the masses of leftover paranoid citizens and high risk individuals. There will likely be a great decrease in concern once a vaccine exists, and once that happens we will gradually go back to normal.

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