Louie Curran- Prep News Staff Member

Louie Curran, is a junior and a member of the Prep News Online Staff. Curran attended Visitation and ultimately decided to attend Rockhurst High School because both is dad and brother went here as well. Curran was a member of the Junior Blues rugby team up until he brutally injured his leg. Curran’s favorite class so far this year is P.E. because of the fun personality of Coach Bradshaw. His favorite food is chicken “nuggies” and when asked why he likes them, he simply responded “because they are good.”

Curran is a fan of felines. He owns one cat, Hibiscus, whom loves very much. Star Wars: The Last Skywalker is his favorite movie of all time. Curran is already looking forward to summer even after the long 5 month break,. Curran brings a certain light to the staff with his comedic personality. He is a great student and awesome writer.

Louie Curran smiling for the camera


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