Prep News Staffer-Tate Slaymaker

Tate Slaymaker is a sophomore, and a new member of the Newspaper staff at Rockhurst High School. Slaymaker enjoys visiting new places around the Kansas City metro area, meeting new people, playing sports, and being with friends. Slaymaker is excited to be a part of the Newspaper staff at Rockhurst because he believes that it is a great way to meet new people, and an opportunity to learn and grow not only as a writer, but as a student.

Tate Slaymaker

Slaymaker’s strengths are knowing when to focus and managing time to keep up with extracurricular activities. Slaymaker hopes that through what he has learned in sports, and the community that it has provided him with, he can succeed in the classroom as well. Slaymaker hopes to use his people skills and perseverance in a way that can be seen through his writing.

Slaymaker is extremely motivated and strives to be like his older brother who is smart and motivates him to be his best. In addition to graduating from high school with a good gpa, other goals include attending college, pursuing a medical career, and having a family. Slaymaker has shown his peers that in order to succeed in the classroom, you must be motivated and have a purpose for your writing. This can be seen through his previous and upcoming papers that can be found on the Prep News website. 

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