Joey January- Prep News Staff Member

Joey January, is a sophomore at Rockhurst High school. Januaary graduated from St. Peter’s middle school before making the decision to attend Rockhurst. January’s choice may have been impacted by his older brother, Jack who is a senior here. January is the manager of the Rockhurst swim and dive team, he manages the swim and dive team because his brother is on the dive team. January didn’t like Cross Country freshman year so he decided to branch out. January also plays CYO basketball in the winter. January’s favorite class at Rockhurst has been Mass Media with Mr. Helt because it contained pop culture and Mr. Helt was engaging. However, January’s favorite teacher was a former ASC named Mr. Lovan.

To test January’s true character I asked whether he preferred writing with a pen or a pencil, which he promptly answered “pencil.” January’s family is a big pet family, owning 2 cats and 1 dog. January’s favorite movie is the original Godfather, a true classic. In closing, January said that because of coronavirus and quarantine his life changed quite a bit and he matured more.

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