Carlo Siraguso

Carlo Siraguso, class of 2022, is a member of the newspaper staff. When he is away from school he is a double sport athlete, and a car enthusiast. For club and school, he plays baseball, and for basketball, he plays CYO with his friends. While Siraguso might seem like your basic high school jock, he has a hobby that not many athletes care about. Siraguso is a car enthusiast, he loves cars, he can name and spot every car in the car community. He knows the Japanese domestic market, German, and even the American muscle. Siraguso sadly right now owns a Mazda 6, but he has been working everyday after school, coming home late, to get his dream car. Siraguso is selling his Mazda 6 for a Subaru BRZ, it is a very popular car in the car culture and he is looking to put many upgrades and modifications to the car.

Carlo Siraguso on the court for RHS. Siraguso now plays CYO basketball.

Siraguso hopes to become a very successful real estate agent, so he can spend all of his money buying cars. Siraguso is a very friendly person, loves pasta, his favorite superhero is the Flash, and Nike is a favorite brand. Siraguso can be friends with everyone, mainly because he has a lot of things in common with other people, like loving Chick-Fil-A and his favorite artist is Lil Uzi Vert, one of the most popular rappers right now.

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