Nate Sullivan

Nate Sullivan is a savvy cereal taster, his favorite is Cocoa Pebbles. When asked why, Sullivan responded “I’ve always loved cereal, especially sugary ones, and as I got older, Cocoa Pebbles have had a special spot in my heart”. With food there is drink, and of course Sullivan needs something to wash down his Cocoa pebbles. When asked “If you could have any drink in the world right now, what would it be”, he replied with a most respectable answer. “I’m feeling thirsty, a little parched, so water would definitely satiate my taste buds.”

Despite his love for food and drink, Sullivan has many more hobbies. Sullivan is very musically-inclined. Sullivan’s favorite artist is none other than Kanye West. “He is very influential and he’s just the G.O.A.T, and the samples in his songs are the best.” Sullivan’s favorite song by Kanye West is “Hey Mama” in Kanye’s second addition to his discography, “Late Registration.” Sullivan also likes graphic design. Sullivan combines his passion for music and graphic design by making album covers. Sulllivan is very active at school too.

Sullivan’s favorite class was Mr. Nendick’s chemistry class last year. “I really like the way Mr. Nendick teaches and engages the class. This year, Sulliban will be playing JV basketball for Rockhurst. When asked why, he responded “I started playing in 3rd grade and I’ve loved it since”. Sullivan is also a lacrosse player for Rockhurst. Sullivan was injured his freshman year while playing basketball, and he wanted to play a sport so he took on lacrosse because some of his friends were playing that year. It turned out that Nate wasn’t too bad so he stuck with it. At home, Sullivan has a dog named Ellie, whom he received back in December of 2016.

Nate Sullivan leaving the court at the end of a sophomore basketball game. Photo Credit Derek Blackmore

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