Limit of Fans Allowed in Sports Stadiums

COVID-19 has affected every community, most notably, sports world. Due to restrictions, the ability to have a sports season function normally is doubtful. The stadiums look and sound very different this year. The NFL left it to the teams and local lawmakers to decide if fans could attend games in person.

In week 2 of the NFL season, only 3 out of the 16 stadiums are allowing a limited number of fans to enter their stadiums. This year, the Chiefs are only allowing 22% of the stadium to be filled by fans. The sound and environment are drastically different than last year, especially when the stadium was at full capacity. In my experiences of going to the games last year, the entire stadium was shaking due to the screams and bangs of the fans. This year, you can see empty seats and the stadium is not nearly as loud as it should be. It’s understandable that there has to be a limit on how many fans are allowed in the stadium.

Watching games at home is still exciting, but not as much as it would be in person. The football players are not required to wear masks and they are making hard contact with each other, so the fans should be able to go to the games and follow the safety guidelines just like any other public place.

Dominic Scalzo, a junior at Rockhurst High School has an opinion on the limit of fans that are allowed into the stadiums. Scalzo says, “My opinion of the limit fans at NFL stadiums is safe. With having limited fans at games, your team and opponents can still experience crowd noise. Plus with keeping your six feet distance and having a mask on at all time, still makes it fun and safe. The teams that allowed limited fans still make money due to the huge increase in ticket prices. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Arrowhead team store. Before entering the store there was a worker listing off safety issues and handing out hand sanitizer for customers to use. Overall I think there should be limited fans at stadiums.”

Before a Chiefs victory at Arrowhead against the Eagles 27-20 on September 17, 2017. Taken by Cole Anthony.

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