Kai Barnes-Newspaper Staff Member

Kai Barnes, a junior at Rockhurst and member of the Newspaper 1 staff.  When thinking about joining Newspaper, Barnes wanted to try something new and possibly find a new passion he can pursue.  Barnes said his first two years were more enjoyable than this year because we were able to be a lot more involved with the school and not as limited towards attending sporting events or school assemblies.  In school, Barnes’ favorite class is P.E., because he does not have to sit in a desk all class and is able to be active.  Another thing that Barnes enjoys about Rockhurst is that he does not live far from the school.  Barnes really enjoys getting a good amount of sleep and waking up to a short ride to school.  Barnes came into Rockhurst knowing a good amount of people from his middle school and made new friends along the way of his high school life.  

Barnes has a lot of favorites in life and has a few fun activities that he enjoys in his free time outside of school.  Barnes’ favorite food is pizza.  This favorite came about when he was young and he has never not enjoyed it.  Barnes plays basketball and enjoys watching it on tv with his dad.  Barnes prefers watching professional basketball over college because he likes the faster pace.  His dad is the one that inspired him to play basketball in the first place and enjoys that they share the same love for the sport.

Kai Barnes ready for a day of school !

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