Dimitri Gonzales

Dimitri Gonzales is sixteen years old and a junior at Rockhurst. His favorite part about school is seeing his friends everyday and being able to be in class with them. Gonzales enjoys many different types and kinds of food, but his favorite food out of all of them is alfredo. Gonzales is the oldest sibling in his family, and he has three younger siblings. The oldest of his siblings is fifteen years old, followed by one who is ten years old, and the youngest of his siblings is eight years old. Besides family and school, he does not play any sports. Although, Gonzales loves playing video games. He loves playing all of the Call of Duty games, but Call of Duty: Black Ops II is his favorite game in particular. 

Gonzales was born and raised here in Kansas City. Although there are many things he loves about the city, all the monuments here are his favorite thing. When Gonzales isn’t walking around the city looking for new monuments he hasn’t seen before, he loves hanging out with his friends. His dream day consists of hanging out with his friends all day, going out to the movies with them that night, and maybe some alfredo for dinner. Gonzales does not have a dream college, so after his time at Rockhurst he doesn’t have one college that stands out from the others. 

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