Prep News Online Staff Member Henry Caprio

Henry Caprio, a junior at Rockhurst and a member of the Prep News staff. Henry’s time at Rockhurst has been great so far as it has been easy for Caprio to make friends and memories. One of Caprio’s favorite COVID-19 changes is that you have three classes one day and four another day, this gives more time to do homework. This brings about Caprio’s least favorite change, the long class times. The classes extended to one hour and fifteen minutes due to less classes per day. If Caprio could change one thing at Rockhurst right now, it would be the ability to be on his phone outside of the lunch period. One of Caprio’s favorite classes at the rock is PE, he says it’s a nice break from the regular classes. 

       A couple of other interesting facts about Caprio is that he would be an orangutan if he could be one animal because they are big and can hop around. His favorite sports team is Mizzou Football because he grew up watching them. Finally, if deserted on an island, Caprio would bring an axe, a lighter, and a water filter.

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