Meet Staff Member Cole Donnelly

Meet Cole Donnelly, a junior at Rockhurst High School who is a part of the newspaper staff, as well as the basketball team. Cole did not have many people from his previous school attending Rockhurst he had to make new friends. Donnelly said that sports made it easy for him to do so. When asked about his previous years at Rockhurst, Donnelly said that it was good because he met a lot of new people and enjoyed his time. Donnelly joined newspaper because it was recommended to him by a friend and he hopes to develop better writing skills from the class. When asked about his favorite sport, Donnelly responded with basketball saying that he started playing at a young age and loved it. Although he has not participated in many clubs at Rockhurst, Donnelly believes that he will branch out to different clubs in the future. When asked what sport he preferred to play the most at Rockhurst, Donnelly responded with basketball because he loves it more and he believed that he was better at it than he was at football which he also played. When asked if he had any advice to give to incoming freshman at Rockhurst, Donnelly suggested to manage your time well so that you have time to socialize with other students and make friends at Rockhurst

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