Yellowstone Review

     “Yellowstone” is a television show on the Paramount Network which first debuted on June 20, 2018. The show’s main character is played by Hollywood legend, Kevin Costner. Costner plays John Dutton, a sixth-generation homesteader and devoted father of four. Dutton owns the largest ranch in all of the United States. Dutton has to call for aid from his children after his land is threatened by the leader of an Indian Reservation, Thomas Rainwater.

     The Duttons are a family of ranchers in Montana. John Dutton has four children, Kayce Dutton, Beth Dutton, Jaime Dutton, and Lee Dutton. From the start of these children’s lives, they have faced tragedy. When Jaime and Beth were young their mother, Evelyn Dutton, decides to go out for a ride with them. Kayce and Evelyn are doing just fine, but Beth is struggling with her horse. Later on their ride, Beth accidentally loses control of her horse and gallops ahead, which causes her mother’s horse to go crazy. The horse bucks her mom to the ground and the horse falls onto her.  Evelyn’s lungs collapse. John ends up noticing that they’ve been gone too long, so he goes out with a search party to look for them. He finds Beth in the middle of a field and she leads John to his wife only to find by that time she had passed away with a crying Kayce mourning on top of her.

     Throughout the series, you can see Beth being burdened with the death of her mother, and that weighs her down. Kayce is a former marine who is at the start of the show living on the Indian Reservation with his wife, a Native American. This is a gigantic conflict throughout the series because Kayce has to always choose a side- his father and the ranch or his wife and the reservation he calls home. Jaime and Lee don’t face the same hardships as Beth and Kayce and they primarily just stay on the ranch helping out their father. This family has quite a bit of drama in it and it all gets tangled together when they come together on the ranch.

    I would give this television series, on a scale from 1-10, a nine because of the drama and the coming together as one of the Dutton Family and I thought it was a good change of scenery compared to other television shows.


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