Brent Faiyaz- Album Review


Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 9.19.42 AM.png
Brent Faiyaz in concert with permission from Google Images.


Christopher Brent Wood came out to the music world on January 19, 2015, as Brent Faiyaz with his debut single, “Allure”. Faiyaz would then release two albums and two EP’s after signing with Lost KiDs. Faiyaz’s newest album, “… The World”, made it big in the music charts and in my opinion is one of his best albums.

     My favorite song would have to be “Clouded” because of the buildup in the singing and the instrumentals in the background. The song is all in all a chill song that puts you in a mellow mood. 

     With Faiyaz’s calming voice, every song on the album speaks to you in a different way. The R&B artist speaks mainly about love or about losing friends and being alone which many people in this day and age can relate to. 

         I would give the album five stars because of the delivery of every song on the album. Faiyaz continues to bring his classic sound from his previous albums which is why I think this is one of his best albums. 

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