Last Dance Review

     The highly anticipated 10 part documentary Last Dance’, debuted its first two episodes on April 19. The documentary chronicles the story behind the dynasty of the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, specifically their last championship. Originally scheduled for release in June 2020, but with the NBA season over, ESPN saw fit to move the documentary up two months to give basketball addicts something to bide our time with. 

     For huge basketball fans, the fact that this documentary was actually going to be released seemed like a dream. The opportunity to see, in my opinion, the greatest basketball player to ever live and his journey to becoming that and the tribulations that he went to that the public never knew about is amazing. This documentary shed a lot of light on the Chicago Bulls locker room, and I walked away with this in mind: Although they won six championships, it never seemed like the entire organization functioned as one unit. 



Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 8.39.54 AM.png
Pictured Michael Jordan taking a shot. Image courtesy of Google -free to use and share.



     The first two episodes of the documentary exceeded my expectations. The way that the filmmakers depicted Michael Jordan’s evolution from a high schooler getting cut from his varsity basketball team into a 6-time champion was masterful. My favorite thing so far about this documentary was how many perspectives we heard in just the first two episodes. In just the first two episodes alone, 50 different people shared their experiences with Jordan and the Bull’s dynasty. 

There were many factors that played into the downfall of the Chicago Bulls dynasty, but the elephant in the room was Jerry Krause, the general manager of the team. 

Just after watching the first two episodes, this documentary warrants a 9/10 score, solely based on the details presented and the unseen footage of the team, and also the timeline of the demise of the Chicago Bulls dynasty.

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