Student Works During Pandemic


Tyler Mowen.jpg
Junior Thomas Sojka

  In the midst of our new everyday struggle, many students have the opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy time at home. For some students, however, helping the city stay on its feet has become a large part of their lives. Whether they are cashiering at a gas station, sacking groceries, or even preparing food at a restaurant, their role in our community has become key in maintaining stability in the city.  These efforts shouldn’t go unrecognized.

       One example of a student stepping up and working through these difficult times is Junior Thomas Sojka, who still spends time working as a host/delivery man at a restaurant called Sushi UNI. “On a regular weeknight, we can expect anywhere from 50 to 70 take out orders. On Friday and Saturday nights, we see over 200 take out orders.” When asked what steps the restaurant is taking to keep the employees and customers healthy, Sojka said that he is “changing gloves every half hour, wearing at least five masks per shift, and cleaning everything immediately after every customer.” 

        On the subject of how customers treat employees, Sojka said that “They respect us for the most part.” Sojka went on to say that “every once in a while you’ll get someone who is just careless and doesn’t sanitize or little things like that. It’s not a huge deal, but it just makes you go ‘huh, I wonder why they don’t care.”

        Of course, this is only one of the unsung heroes at the school, there are bound to be more out there. If you ever come across a friend who is still working through these difficult times, let them know how much they mean to you and how thankful you are for their service. Without them,  our city would probably be in a deeper hole then the one it’s in now.

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