Local College Basketball Update

As we approach March Madness begins, the three local college teams have all had drastically different years. Kansas State, Missouri, and Kansas have all taken a different path to get to this point, but most likely only one of them will be competing for the National title. 

Kansas – KU has been the only local team that has lived up to its expectations this year. Although they suffered a surprising home loss to Baylor, Kansas looks to be in a prime position to win the Big 12 regular season again. Barring a shocking loss in the Big 12 tournament, the Jayhawks look to be a lock for a #1 seed in the tournament. Even though they are most likely the best team in the Big 12, Kansas hasn’t had a perfect season. Key player Silvio De Sousa was suspended 12 games for his actions, as well as David McCormack for 2 games. Kansas has been tested this season with games against Villanova, Dayton, and Baylor twice. Kansas looks to be a national championship contender, but as history has shown, they are prone to upsets.

A scene from the Kansas and Kansas State brawl- Google Images

Kansas State – K-State enters the final week of the season at 9-20. Expectations were not super high at the beginning of the season, but this has most definitely been a disappointing season. The highlight of the season for the Wildcats was the brawl that happened January 21st at Allen Fieldhouse while playing Kansas. After making the elite eight in 2018, K-State has taken a big step back and has had to settle for a rebuilding season.


Missouri – Mizzou entered the season hoping to make a run at the bubble and sneak into the tournament. That will not be the case, as they have struggled to string together winning efforts. The Tigers enter the final week of the season at 14-15, which seems really bad . With that said, they have lost several close games, and have had great upsets against Florida and Auburn. The team only has one senior, so they will look to build on their young talent for next year.

Mizzou Basketball Tiger going up for a dunk

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