Spring Break

      For the past few months, school has been nothing but an escape from bliss for the people in our community. Between the pressures of long essays, big tests, and freezing weather that get in the way of everything, it seems like the end of the year can’t come soon enough. In March, however, students get an entire week of free time where people can take advantage of the cool weather and sunny skies of the spring season. This week is spring break, of course, and it is littered with memorable stories and vacations from the people of Rockhurst.

        One outstanding vacation coming from the community is from sophomore Michael Young, who has made plans to leave the country for the first time in his life. “I’m going to Mexico with my family”, he said with enthusiasm. Young is going to Mexico because his sister is on spring break, and what he looks forward to the most in Mexico is “the beach.”

        Junior Obi Oligbo plans on traveling to Atlanta over his spring break. Oligbo says that he is going there to “visit some family”, seeing family that already lives in Atlanta while also meeting with family that will come all the way from Nigeria. What Oligbo says will make this break really memorable is the fact that in Atlanta he will see cousins and other family members that he hasn’t seen in a long time. 

        Rather than going out of town or spending time with family, Gabe Smith, a junior in the community, has plans to focus on how he can perform better in track. Smith went on to say that he will do this, “by going to practices every day.” During the practices, Smith thinks he will improve his skills on the track by, “spending a lot of time doing core workouts” and says he will be, “working on my speed endurance with coach Haden.” While Smith is working hard on the track, however, he also plans on using some of his free time “spending time with friends.”

Hang on guys, spring break is one week away!

A possible spring break scene for many RHS students.

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