Meet Miles Rivard

      Miles Rivard, a former rising star on the wrestling team, outdoor club leader, pro-life club member, and trumpeter. Rivard is also a scholar among being a passionate outdoorsman that enjoys off-roading in his truck.

     Rivard has multiple hobbies outside of Rockhurst, “In the winter I like to hunt, a lot…. In the summer I like fishing and hanging out with my friends.” Rivard’s truck, a sad sight whenever you see it in the parking lot (pictured below) has quite a story behind it, “It’s a series of unfortunate events.” A truly sad story, “I crashed my car into the back of a Jeep…. I got a really nice Silverado then managed to hit a pole.” Rivard also likes getting his car stuck off-roading, “A place on 159th and Roe called The Factory. We go with my buddies sometimes and just hit the trails and full send it, and see what we can break on our trucks.” Rivard admits it’s pretty stupid, “but it’s fun.”

Miles Rivard and his truck

     When it comes to allegations of being the “good Rivard” Rivard doesn’t hold anything back, “I am going to go ahead and say that it’s entirely true. If you ask most people they’ll say my brothers are not intelligent and do stupid things.”

     Rivard is also an integral member of the outdoors club. Rivard is an integral part of planning the trips. Rivard among others calls the places they plan on going to and get the logistics of what it’d be like and how much it would cost for the club.

     Rivard is also a man of integrity. A frequent volunteer at soup kitchens and places that deal with special needs. Rivard also volunteers to help with the Special Olympics.

     Where Rivard wants to be in the future, “I’d say just have a job where I can make enough money to support myself and my family is the most important thing. I’m not too sure what I want to do yet, but that’s my goal.”

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