A Real Friend

     There is no need for a human best friend when you have a dog. Yes, your furry new best friend may have more hair than you, but that doesn’t matter. Excessive hair does affect that your dog is always being there for you. Your furry friend will always be by your side, won’t get upset with you, and will follow your every command. 

     The famous saying, ‘man’s best friend,’ is actually true in some cases. The animal is a better companion than a human because a pet will never leave your side. Once a pet becomes attached to the human(s) who feeds them, they tend to get depressed and start missing their owner when the owner is away. A human can go years without seeing a friend, probably because they found a new friend who was better than their old one. Way to be loyal!

    There is always a stupid reason for human conflict. So what he took your girlfriend, it’s not going to be the end of the world. With a dog, you will never have to worry about them getting upset with you or stealing your girl. Dogs can’t get mad at you because you give them snacks, belly rubs, and nice toys to eat up from time to time. 

Dogs are somewhat required to do whatever you ask.  Some dogs refuse at first but with training they obey. A human can ignore you for no other reason than ‘God gave us two arms and legs.

Marley Hill 

The moral of the story is, a dog is a better best friend than a human. They will do what you say, listen to you and will never leave your side because that’s what they’re there for. 

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