One Month in the Books

     Just under a month into 2020, people across the world are facing troubles from a multitude of sources including rumors of an upcoming draft of U.S. soldiers, the spread of a new and changing viral disease, and the death of one of the most beloved professional basketball players of all-time, Kobe Bryant. 

     While world news has kept things pretty negative, Rockhurst High School has started the year on a great note. To begin with, how ‘bout them Chiefs. After the Chiefs 31 -20 victory against the San Francisco 49er’s at Super Bowl LIV, nearly all of Kansas City is celebrating the W and sending praise to the entire team. Nonetheless, this was the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl victory after a 50 year loss period. A parade was held for the team in early February of 2020, to which fans across KCMO showed up to enjoy the celebration. Many school boards chose to give their students the day off to enjoy the parade, including our own, Fr. Giacabazi. Chiefs.jpg

     Additionally, Black History Month at Rockhurst has been a huge event for the school. Together, students celebrated Mass in honor of Black History Month, where the achievements of both past and present African American Rockhurst students were highlighted. The Mass reflected the history of the month even further due to the inclusion of the choir from St. Monica’s parish, as well as some words of wisdom from a visiting Jesuit Priest from the parish.

     Finally, Mission Week is coming in hot, as many students are looking forward to what many consider to be the best week of the school year. During Mission Week, all grades at Rockhurst High come together among their classes and try to see what class is able to donate the most to a charity of their choosing.

     Overall, 2020 has started on a rough note internationally. KC has had many positive events during the first month of this new decade. Here’s hoping things continue to pick up across the world. 

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