By Thomas Holmes



Image from Pixabay

For the past couple of weeks, global concern over a new virus originating in China can be found in various mediums. The virus-Coronavirus or just the Wuhan Virus. The name Wuhan comes from ground zero for the rising epidemic in Wuhan, China. The virus came from a meat and fish market in the city of Wuhan where, allegedly, exotic meats were sold. A number of rumors are circulating about whether the virus was caused by the consumption of bats or snakes, but at this time it is uncertain what caused the disease.

     What is known is that the disease can spread from person to person contact. Since the Coronavirus was first discovered, the virus has spread to over 17 countries, including Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, and The United States. 

    The virus originating in China brought up the image of related epidemics like SARS, thankfully, the virus appears to be less deadly, with the only deaths being those who have weakened immune systems such as the elderly, and people with preexisting conditions. Therefore, the Coronavirus only kills 2 percent of people it infects, compared to SARS 10 percent.

      In the wake of the virus, American officials have warned citizens not to travel to China, where airports are being shut down in many large cities. 

     The symptoms of the disease begin much like the flu, with fevers, ache, and fatigue. However, this will eventually give way to serious respiratory distress which is often lethal if the infected person does not make their way to a hospital. The average time between the first onset of symptoms and admittance to the ICU is 10.5 days, and the longest recorded is allegedly 16 days.

     The Chinese government has imposed a quarantine on the city of Wuhan and a few other large cities, prohibiting millions of people from traveling, in an attempt to contain the virus. A large field hospital is also being built in Wuhan to help treat patients.

     While vaccines and treatments are currently being tested, there is a long way to go before a definite cure can be found.



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