Christmas Movies

During the month of December, many families gather together and watch Christmas movies. Watching Christmas movies brings families together. Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Christmas Carol are popular choices. According to Google, Home Alone is the most-watched Christmas movie. Home Alone includes conflict, comedy and ends with a good message. Home Alone may be one of the most-watched movies families, there are other Christmas classics that people enjoy watching.
Andrew Tranbarger, Joseph Davis, and Imani Dyke were all interviewed to talk about what movies they enjoy watching during the Christmas season. Senior Imani Dyke said, “Every Christmas I gotta watch all the Home Alone movies they’re goated.”Junior Joseph Davis watches the Polar Express while Tranbarger and his family watch the movie ELF. “I think the movie ELF is the best of all time,” said Davis.
Opinions abound around overrated and underrated movies. Junior Andrew Tranbarger said, “An underrated Christmas movie is Bad Santa. I don’t think it gets enough credit for the well-rounded movie that it is.” Dyke said, “An overrated Christmas movie has to be A Christmas Story. It’s only popular because old heads stay hyping it up and it’s really an average movie for real.” Tranbarger states that “An all-time classic Christmas movie has got to be The Grinch, it just hits all the good points that a good Christmas movie needs to hit, always will be a classic.” ELF should be included in the conversation of the best holiday movies ever due to the plot and the lead actor, Will Ferrell. Regardless of how you rank them, Christmas movies are a fun tradition.

See the Winter 2019 Quarterly magazine for the list of Top 10 Christmas Movies of All-Time.

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