NHL Preview

      The NHL season is in full swing and every team has the same dream, winning The Stanley Cup. There have been a lot of teams this year that are  outperforming expectations. One of those teams, the Buffalo Sabres, have the best record in the NHL at 9-2-2. The Sabres finished last season with a 25-45 record, worst in the NHL . 

 Jack Eichel, former 2015 2nd overall pick, is one of the main reasons for the early season success of the Sabres.  Eichel has 17 points so far this season which is 6th in the NHL. Eichel is team captain as well. 

Goalie Chase Hutton is also playing well having 226 saves in 8 games. If the Sabres keep this streak going they could be a real threat to win the Stanley Cup this year. Rockhurst junior and hockey player Waylon Scott said the Sabres and the Lightning have surprised him the most this season.

The Tampa Bay Lightning had a 54-23 record last year which was best in the NHL and ties for the best record of all time. The Lightning are off to a slower start than anticipated this year at 5-3-2 which is 5th in their division. Nikita Kucherov who was the MVP last season has been almost nonexistent this year. Steven Stamkos has been trying to fill in the void. He has 11 points in 10 games this season which is 30th in the NHL. The Lightning looks to still have the talent and they have been looking better each game they play. If the Lightning find their groove they have a chance to be a playoff contender.

The runner ups to the title last year the Boston Bruins are starting off on fire as well. The Bruins goalie Tukka Rask is the number one goalie in goals allowed and save percentage. Also, the leader in the NHL for goals scored is Boston standout David Pastrnak who has 11 goals so far and an NHL leading 23 points, making his case early for a possible MVP. Out of the two teams that played in the Stanley Cup last season the Bruins are doing phenomenal. The reigning champs, the St. Louis Blues, on the other hand, are not far behind them. The Blues are three games back from first in their division, they also lost their star player Vladimir Tarasenko for the season. 

This leads me to my final prediction for who will win the Stanley Cup. I believe that the Boston Bruins will beat the Sabres to make the championship for the second year in a row and will play the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The Golden Knights made it to the championship two years ago but fell short. The Golden Knights still have playmakers, mostly experienced veterans, and a goalie who is playing really well. The Bruins will beat the Golden Knights in 5-6 games to win the Stanley Cup this year and rebound from their game 7 loss last year.

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