Chicken Sandwich Battle Resumes

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz circulating around the “beef” between Chic -fil -A and Popeyes. This all started with the introduction of Popeye’s new chicken sandwich. The release of this sandwich caused mass hysteria and it seemed as though everyone wanted a bite. People are saying now, that Popeyes may have the best chicken sandwich and Chick-fil-A may be dethroned. 

        Popeyes’ has typically been lower on the totem pole when it comes to fast-food restaurants. It was quite a surprise when they blew up this much because of their reputation for poor customer service along with constantly. running out of chicken. Now when people speak of Popeyes it is about their chicken sandwiches and on how to get one. Popeyes has many lines flowing outside and having people wait hours for these chicken sandwiches. 

        With so many people wanting to get these sandwiches, Popeyes has started to run out of them by lunchtime reflecting their former tendencies. All of the success that Popeyes received, resulted in a “Chicken Shortage”. {Malik Freese penned a story about the shortage} The shortage is over and the Popeyes’ sandwich is back. With the Chic-fil-A remodeling, it seems as though Popeyes may take over the State Line fast food hierarchy. 


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