Pay to Play

     September 30th, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Fair Pay to Play Act into law. This act officially allows college athletes in California to be compensated. It is also the first law of its kind and is a complete game-changer for college athletes. This act could potentially play a role when high school athletes with offers are thinking of where to commit. The law doesn’t take effect until 2023, giving the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) time to appeal, because they currently don’t allow college athletes in their association to be paid. Many college sports fans don’t agree with the NCAA’s policy on not paying college athletes.  This is a very contentious idea in college sports. The NCAA’s position is that the athletic scholarship should be payment enough and they don’t need to be paid any more than that. Many fans also agree with this position

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     Junior Reece Manning, member of the Aquahawks swim and dive team had this to say about the Fair Play to Play Act, “I like it I think it’s a good thing for college and college athletes. They should be able to profit off their image and likeness, because however marketable that specific athlete is.” When Manning who is a potential college athlete was asked whether the potential of being paid for his sport would affect his decision he replied, “ If I were to be one of the top recruits in the country and could profit off this rule I believe it would affect me, yes.”

It will be interesting to see if other states join California or wait to see how this ends up.



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