Still No Chicken

     Shortly after the release of Popeye’s chicken sandwich Popeye’s quickly ran out of chicken. This shocked the masses, the sandwich pitted Chick-fil-a against Popeye’s. This you already know though, but did you know that they are still out of chicken? Popeyes had a giant shortage that resulted in no chicken sandwiches to this day. Miles Rivard one of many customers who failed at obtaining a chicken sandwich from Popeyes. “I was pumped when I heard Popeyes was releasing a chicken sandwich considering the rest of their food is subpar at best.”

     You can find plenty of angry comments online from people that haven’t tried it yet because of the shortage of chicken sandwiches. Rivard just recently went for a visit and had this to say when he saw their sign saying they were out of chicken, “I was absolutely devastated to see that they were out of chicken sandwiches.” There is widespread discontent and Popeyes needs to get more chicken before they lose many costumers.

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