Meet Staff Member Tyler Mowen

Tyler Mowen

Tyler Mowen is currently a member of the Prep News Staff at Rockhurst High School and is loving his time as a part of the staff. Tyler enjoys “taking pictures” and is actually quite good at it. He is so good at taking pictures that he was given the role of photography editor on the Prep News. When Tyler is not snapping shots of creation, he enjoys spending his free time watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and when asked who his favorite character is he said “Charlie”. Mowen is also a student athlete and represents Rockhurst on the track and field team. While he is fantastic at bowling, when asked what he wishes that he was better at, he responded with “bowling”. Mowen attended Saint Elizabeth’s elementary and middle school was at the top of class there. When asked if he’s ever won an award or special honor he said “I got the sports award for hardest working athlete”. Mowen is a great example of a Rockhurst student athlete and has a very bright future on the Prep News.

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