Still No Chicken

     Shortly after the release of Popeye’s chicken sandwich Popeye’s quickly ran out of chicken. This shocked the masses, the sandwich pitted Chick-fil-a against Popeye’s. This you already know though, but did you know that they are still out of chicken? Popeyes had a giant shortage that resulted in no chicken sandwiches to this day. Miles Rivard one of many customers who failed at … Continue reading Still No Chicken

Staff Member Matthew Kelly

Meet Matthew Kelly, junior newspaper writer. Kelly runs cross country and enjoys watching television. His favorite television show is “The Regular Show” because its “a classic.” In addition to this, Kelly’s goal for this year would be “Running, so I could be on varsity”. Kelly is a very driven student whether it be on the field or in the classroom. While attending Cure grade school, … Continue reading Staff Member Matthew Kelly

Staff Member Jackson Mayer

     Rockhurst junior Jackson Mayer is one of the newest members of the 2019 Newspaper I staff. Aside from consistent article writing, Jackson plays on the Rockhurst Lacrosse team and runs Cross Country during the fall. Outside of school, you can find Mayer running around his hometown of Mission Hills, fast asleep in bed, watching “How I Met Your Mother”, or jamming out to … Continue reading Staff Member Jackson Mayer

Club Fair

Thursday October 3, Rockhurst will host its annual freshmen club fair from 8-9 am. Numerous clubs will be set up displays throughout the Loyola gym representing what they do and offering challenges to entice students to join. This Thursday morning is a perfect opportunity to learn about the clubs at Rockhurst and sign up for upcoming meetings. Clubs are open for anyone to join and … Continue reading Club Fair