Chicken Sandwich Battle Resumes

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz circulating around the “beef” between Chic -fil -A and Popeyes. This all started with the introduction of Popeye’s new chicken sandwich. The release of this sandwich caused mass hysteria and it seemed as though everyone wanted a bite. People are saying now, that Popeyes may have theContinue reading “Chicken Sandwich Battle Resumes”

Staff Member Matthew Kelly

Meet Matthew Kelly, junior newspaper writer. Kelly runs cross country and enjoys watching television. His favorite television show is “The Regular Show” because its “a classic.” In addition to this, Kelly’s goal for this year would be “Running, so I could be on varsity”. Kelly is a very driven student whether it be on theContinue reading “Staff Member Matthew Kelly”

Staff Member Jackson Mayer

     Rockhurst junior Jackson Mayer is one of the newest members of the 2019 Newspaper I staff. Aside from consistent article writing, Jackson plays on the Rockhurst Lacrosse team and runs Cross Country during the fall. Outside of school, you can find Mayer running around his hometown of Mission Hills, fast asleep in bed,Continue reading “Staff Member Jackson Mayer”