Meet Max Hill

Meet junior Erick Hill, a member of the Prep News staff. Hill is a big fan of the rapper Drake, when asked which famous person he would meet he said “I would want to meet Drake…I would want to hang out with him in Canada.”

Hill is also a very dedicated to track and field athlete. Multiple times in the interview he mentioned running track. For example, when asked what he was good at Hill stated “Running and long jump” and states that he has been running “since 5th grade so like 6 years.” Though already is a good sprinter, when asked what he could improve on he said “ Sprinting…I’m working out every Wednesday and I workout with my coaches.” Hill seems to have a lot of pet peeves that you wouldn’t think if you met him in person.When asked what his pet peeves were he said “Being obnoxious and loud, I really don’t like that, there is no reason to be that loud. I don’t like people who smack with their food. I don’t like people who talk with food in their mouth. I don’t like people that have bad grammar, like speak properly. ” Hill states that whenever he encounters one of them he just “ calmly walks away.” Hill is a very interesting character. Hill has two stories posted on line.

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