Staff Member Pasquale Trozzolo

Pasquale Trozzolo

Pasquale Trozzolo is a sophomore Rockhurst brother in our community, there’s even more to him than meets the eye. Trozzolo has some hidden interesting talents that most people don’t know about. Trozzolo is a humble, light-hearted student. Trozzolo doesn’t take himself too seriously, not one to boast about his abilities. Trozzolo is intelligent, runs track, plays CYO basketball, and wakeboards.

Trozzolo usually wakeboards on Lake Viking which is located approximately an hour and thirty minutes from Kansas City, Missouri. From what’s been said by others he’s fairly good at it. Trozzolo has a bright and brilliant mind. If he could meet one person it would be Steve Jobs, because “he still has a lot of ideas he didn’t do” and claims that he would “take them and become a billionaire.” Most students probably wouldn’t even think about anything like that when asked that question. Trozzolo is a hard working and talented member of the Rockhurst community and the Prep News staff.

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