Staff Member Jack Kasper

Jack Kasper defending the goal.

        Junior Jack Kasper leads a calm, cool and collected lifestyle. Spending much of his time on the soccer field and in the books, it can be difficult to learn much about this student athlete.

         One thing you may not know about Kasper is that he is a goalie on the JV soccer team. When asked about his soccer prowess, he said that he “put in the work”, training vigorously on the field at practice. 

        While Kasper is passionate about soccer, however, when he was asked what he wishes he were better at doing, Kasper said “playing basketball”. In fact, when asked what famous person he would like to meet, he said that he would want to meet the seven-foot basketball player, Dirk Nowitzki.

        When Kasper isn’t defending the goal or daydreaming about playing basketball, he’s probably at home watching Game of Thrones with a slice of warm Minsky’s pizza. “I started watching it around last January,” Kasper says. 

        As you can see, Jack Kasper is a student athlete at Rockhurst that’s full of heart, and stays dedicated to the sport that best suits his talents. A sport that is possibly the most exciting part of his calm, cool and collected lifestyle.

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