Staff Member Daniel Owens

Daniel Owens a junior at Rockhurst leads an interesting life that includes playing basketball, doing schoolwork, and watching The Office.

 Owens enjoys all things  basketball. In fact when I asked him about a famous person he would want to meet he said, “LaMelo Ball because he has been in the spotlight for so long and handles it well, and is a good basketball player.” Owens has many basketball awards. When I asked Owens if he could be doing anything right now what would it be?He said,“Playing basketball in the gym working.”

Bad things happen to everyone, so when I asked him about something bad that has happened to him he of course had a very interesting response, “ I got lost in a Target, my mom left me.” He further explained that his mom didn’t realize he wasn’t there until she was half way home and he was just a little kid roaming around Target.

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