Prep News Staff Member- Gerald Brewer

Do you know who Gerald Brewer III is? Well, you will after reading this article. Brewer is a sophomore at Rockhurst High School, and his nickname is “G3.” Brewer plays football, wrestles, and is a member of the Prep News online staff. Brewer’s football season has come to an abrupt ending because in his game on September 16th against Basehor Linwood, he tore his ACL, tore his meniscus, and has two contusion fractures. That does not discourage Brewer though, when interviewed he said that if he could do anything in the world right now it would be to play for the “Kansas City Chiefs.” Even with his injury he knows next year he will come back ten times stronger and better than before. Brewer plans to do whatever it takes to fix his injury because football is life for the GOAT G3.

Brewer’s favorite restaurant is Chick-Fil-A. When the beef between Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes was brought up Brewer said he’d rather have, “ a Chick-Fil-A sandwich cause its 100% better than a Popeyes sandwich.” Brewers opinion is agreed with by most students at Rockhurst.

Brewer won a presidential medal for service because he was on a service trip out of the country for over the required hours. The trip was rebuilding people’s houses who had been destroyed in a hurricane. Brewer does not remember which hurricane caused him to go rebuild houses. When asked why he can’t remember, his response was, “I was seven.” 

Brewer wishes he was better at schoolwork and remembering things for tests. He says that “it is really boring and I find it hard to get past.” Most students agree with that opinion and there is really no way to make school not boring, because whatever is done to try to make school fun, it’s still school.

Brewer has strong opinions and many other good stories. This is just a small snapshot of his life, but it is enough to get an idea of who he is.

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